Enstrom Studio

Enstrom Studio was founded in 1904 by Eric Enstrom and is located in the small, northern town of Bovey, Minnesota.     We have been photographing and preserving the treasured memories of families and children for over 100 years.



"The Tradition Continues"

Enstrom Studio, Inc. is home to Minnesota’s official state portrait “Grace”.  In the same studio we do business out of today, Eric Enstrom took the world-famous photograph during the war year 1918.  Enstrom stated, “I wanted to take a picture that would show people that even though they had to do without many things because of the war, they still had much to be thankful for.”  The photo epitomizes reverence, humility, and gratitude.

If you are interested in ordering a print of the picture “Grace” you may contact us by phone at:    (218) 245-1330


Starting out in the early years as a one man operation, Enstrom Studio, Inc. has grown to include full-time, professionally trained photographers, a team of dedicated customer service representatives and exceptional lab technicians. Through the years, Enstrom Studio, Inc. has expanded its service area across three states and now includes three studios across Minnesota, and a Metro Office in St.Paul. Today, Enstrom Studio, Inc. continues to exhibit excellent quality and customer service; traits that are consistent with the Enstrom tradition.